When two people come together in love, a new term is introduced in the relationship- compatibility. One thing is for sure; the higher the compatibility between two people, the higher are the chances of a successful relationship and otherwise. But often, we see two people very similar in nature clashing and two completely opposing characters working out their relationship.

In a relationship, we tend to look for three aspects- physical compatibility, emotional compatibility, and psychological compatibility. When all three fall in line, it develops a stronger bond in the relationship. Physical and emotional compatibility varies for every pair but can easily be achieved with effort, time and patience by both the parties. It requires understanding each other completely and providing the required support under all circumstances. When two people genuinely love each other and want to spend their entire life together, they start understanding the importance of compromises. Eventually, such a pair attains physical and emotional compatibility. What we generally mess with is the psychological compatibility.

When two people come together in a relationship, they embark on a journey of uniting two different personalities into one system that will stand strong under all circumstances. It is important to understand that these personalities evolve independently according to their experiences in their daily lives. Everything works as long as they are evolving under the same set of influences. Problems arise when they evolve in a completely different environment or the pair goes through a phase of a long-distance relationship. They start evolving at a different pace and if not taken care of at an early stage, it leads to the failure of the system. The couple faces a clash of opinions, daily fights and then end up splitting apart.

Secondly, some people take for granted the necessity to understand the other person’s opinion about love. They assume their perception as the definition of love. They forget that love is a very personal and subjective emotion. Different people have different perceptions and consequently different needs from a relationship. The understanding of other person’s perception, opinion and need is very important and is achieved only through time and effort.

Every relationship is dynamic in nature and requires constant effort. People change with time and with that changes their needs and perception. What works for some people may not work for others. What works in a relationship at one point in time may not work at the other. Therefore, people involved in a relationship should not be rigid and have an open mind. With these points in mind, any two people can attain the compatibility required in their relationship

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