Be your own Savior

Growing up we are always told the importance of being in good terms with people around us. We start identifying people like family, friends, and society. The crowd around us starts making us feel happy and secured. Everything feels good.

But one day suddenly, life shows you some unexpected colours. Colours that start fading your life and that make your heart blind. All that is left behind is a bunch of broken pieces that prick and bleed your heart every time you look back. You start looking for comfort in the crowd you assembled your entire life. It definitely manages to distract you from your problems and you move on with an unknown emptiness within you hoping that things will be alright again. Also, there are times when you don’t feel connected to the people around you. You crave for somebody to feel your silence. But in this era of rush, it appears a bit too much to ask for.

Tired and frustrated, you start looking for that one person who could feel the emptiness within you. A person who would never say a word and just stand by you, hold your hand and lend their shoulders to cry on. A person who would be there to gather the pieces of your broken heart. Time passes by and so do the people in your life. Your life changes every second and with that change your requirements, choices, and perspectives but one thing remains- it is you and your emptiness.

Eventually, you realise that all your struggles are internal and only you can solve them. Maturity lies in realising that you are the only person responsible for making yourself feel better. You are the sole author of your story. Life will keep on throwing problems at you one after the other, but you have to stand up against them. Deriving emotional support from your good wishers once in a while is fine but expecting somebody to always be there to understand and solve your problems, paralysis your emotional strength. You start finding yourself incapable of even standing up against the minor problems by yourself. You become overpowered by the negativeness within you.

It is important to realise that you know yourself the best. You are the only person who is aware of your strength, weakness, thought process and feelings. If you learn to channelise your emotions to use them in your favour, you can do wonders and achieve anything you want
It is well said ‘God helps those, who help themselves’. Nobody can help you if you don’t stand by yourself. You are your own savior.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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  1. Totally agreed to every single word. Depending on others for emotional support in hard times is merely hurting yourself. Expect less, accept the reality and be strong is all one can do best in such times. I really needed to read something like this today. Great job, loved it 🙂

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