Understanding human system

In the race of moving forward, we keep on interpreting the world around us and hardly look inside. The same situations are perceived and reacted to in different ways by different people.
But where does this difference lie?

We have always perceived ourselves as individuals but in reality, we are a combination of three components: mind, heart, and soul.
The mind is the component responsible for perceiving and analyzing every situation. It is the component that stays in regular contact with the external world. It constantly stays under an influence and is responsible for adapting and reacting to various situations. It is more like an extrovert friend of yours.
Heart, on the contrary, is the component of yours, which is just meant to feel emotions. It reacts to the situations perceived by the mind by generating an emotional response within you. The type of emotional response generated within you depends mainly on two factors: your personality and the image of the situation perceived by the mind. The above two factors are connected by a web and constantly influence each other.
The personality of a person is constantly influenced by emotions and mind. The mind is influenced by emotions and personality. It perceives the entire world around it based on these influences. As a consequence of this relation, every episode in the life of a person and every piece of information received by him shapes his future thought process and course of action.

Human System

As long as the web is in balance, everything seems fine. The problems arise when this web loses balance.
The mind is the component of yours that is in constant contact with the external world. It perceives and responds to the situations at a fast pace. But the heart reacts at a comparatively slower rate. The impressions left on the heart due to the influence of the mind lasts for a longer period than the situation itself. To be in line with the fast-moving world, we start ignoring our emotions for many situations and these emotions pile up over some time. As a result, the web loses its balance. This portrays itself as frustration and a sense of control being lost in one’s life. To deal with such situations, you have to start taking control of yourself. You have to decide when to suppress and when to express emotions.

It is important to understand that you are the boss of ‘You’. It might not always be possible to express your emotions but sooner or later they have to be let out. You are responsible for keeping your mental health in a clean and healthy state to achieve your highest potential.
After all, a healthy mind and a healthy heart lead a person to the road of real happiness.

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An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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