Requirements of the Self

The human system is composed of three components: mind, heart, and soul. The mind perceives and deals with the analytical aspects, the heart deals with emotions and the soul manages the two. In this ever-changing world, these three components evolve continuously but at a different pace. The system receives all kinds of information, some necessary and some unnecessary, some are good and some are bad for the system. This article deals with the ways one is supposed to deal with these components.

Mind, as we all know feeds on the information it receives in the form of facts and influences. These influences further affect our emotions. From the ocean of information, we should choose wisely, what kind of information we really need. Not all the information available in the world be targeted. This merely clutters the mind and is of no use to you. Though we don’t have full control over the information we get, we should have control over the impact it makes on us. Every piece of information has two sides from the perspective of the individual receiving it- positive side and negative side. Emphasizing on the positive aspect while considering the negative side as a mere challenge and not restriction paves way for growth, whereas complaining about the problems, makes you negative. This is the point in the life of a person that makes or breaks him. Only people, who can manage to do this, can have a sorted mind and thereby, be more productive.
The world around us moves at a higher pace compared to the world inside us. To maintain balance, we tend to analyze everything and ignore our feelings. The key to a healthy heart is feeling and expressing the emotions that erupt in it due to the mind’s perception. Not always is it possible to express the emotions at that very moment, but one has to let go of these emotions as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will be backed up within us and manifest themselves in the form of frustration and irritation at later stages. By then we would have forgotten their real cause would be incapable of doing anything about it. They will reduce our productivity and disturb our peace of mind.

Remember, we work hard to live a happy and satisfactory life. In the end, if we are not happy, no amount of external success makes any sense.
The last component soul is the entity that owns the human system that uses mind and heart as it’s resources to understand the external world. Nothing much can be said, the soul can only be realized when spirituality is explored in depth. All that the soul wants is permanent satisfaction. This satisfaction is mainly achieved when you do the things that feel right to you. Selfless and good activities like serving others, helping the needy, being polite, speaking the truth, etc. generate an enormous amount of satisfaction. After all real happiness lies in being satisfied with who you are.

One needs to accept themselves the way they are and work towards building a better self by feeding the mind, heart, and soul in the right way. These are your weapons and only a healthy weapon can ensure success in life.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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