The world treats everybody differently. It is kind towards one section of society and insanely brutal towards the other. Not everybody is offered the same level of opportunities. This is the harsh truth beyond our control. But we all are blessed with extraordinary power. That makes us deal with all the misfortunes. This power is called the ‘Power of Positivity’.

Positivity is the energy within us which makes us see the positive aspects of the situation. Every situation has a positive and a negative side. The positive side paves way for further growth and the negative side pose challenges which when overcome makes you capable of walking on the respective path of growth. Unfortunately, most of us focus on the negative side, thereby stop growing and become stagnant. This is because we lack positivity. A positive person would instead focus on the positive aspects of even the worst possible situations and cling on to them. They would consider the problem as a challenge rather than a restriction. These are the people that succeed and become an inspiration to other people.

The Chain of Positivity and Negativity
When a person is treated in a way that makes them feel negative, it disturbs and frustrates them. They tend to get angry, irritated, and at times distressed. Many of us start playing blame games, get into a state of denial, and end up forming a negative perspective about life and society. As a result, we start giving out negatives vibes and ourselves get trapped in a cloud of negativity. This is exactly how a tainted window works. The person observing the world through a tainted window will see the taint in every image he sees. For such people life becomes hell. Unfortunately, this problem is contagious.

A negative person interacts with society in a negative way sending out negative vibes. Eventually, it starts influencing the people surrounding him. And thereon starts a chain of negativity that spreads in the society like a viral. Eventually, it starts influencing the well being of society.
But guess what! so is the case with positivity. A positive person is equally capable of influencing people and uplifting society.

It is just a matter of decision. A decision that will just take a second. Ask yourself whether you want to be an ‘asset’ or a liability to society. You can contribute to your personal growth and the welfare of society by sowing the seeds of positive thoughts within you. However little may it seem, it is the beginning of a happy and healthy society.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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