Decision Making

Ever been in a state of confusion? or, making the right decision seems like the hardest thing to do? The art of decision making is the most difficult art to perfect.

Often we come across situations when it feels like we are standing on a cross- junction, from where, diverge two contradicting pathways. Our mind guides us towards one and our heart guides us towards the other and we stand there in the middle, completely helpless, looking for a wise, experienced person to come and guide us through. This contradiction arises due to the different perspectives that our mind sees. The art of decision making involves two major factors: information regarding the information, and, sense of judgment.

Information regarding the situation

It plays a major role in decision making. But since it is a perspective based world, the information the mind perceives and the way it is processed is different for everybody. Often, we get influenced by other people’s perceptions and act according to their suggestions. If this happens with you, it means that you are leading your life under somebody else’s control. Though it may seem very assuring at first, in the long run, it can get you in some serious trouble. Remember life is a game in which we are supposed to understand the real question and then look for its answer. It is a different question for everybody and only the concerned person can figure out the right answer. Getting to know other people’s views is important but only to broaden our perception. It always has to be our understanding of the situation.

Sense of judgment 

Finally, it all comes down to our sense of judgment. Often we come across circumstances, where our mind and heart guide us on varying routes. Coming down to a conclusion becomes very difficult. Such situations should be handled from a third-person perspective. Every person has 3 levels of perception within him- first person, second person, and third person. As we know, in any dispute, the third person is always supposed to be neutral and logical. Similarly, in any conflicting situation, judging the situation as a third person with the information gathered as a first-person leads to a better decision. At first, it can be very difficult but eventually, it makes the process of decision making very effective.

Life is a tricky game. At times you win and at times you lose. We can only give our best. But it is better to live your life on your terms than living it according to somebody else. With a broad vision and a good sense of judgment, life can become very easy.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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