Theories and Facts

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact”- Sherlock Holmes

The human mind never stops working. We tend to accept and analyze every piece of information we come across. As a consequence of this tendency and the values passed down to us by society, we have formed various theories in life. These theories further guide our perceptions.

But do these theories and perceptions ever deceive us?

The human mind works in mysterious ways. It tends to be selective in using theories to make itself feel better. But when we become too rigid with our theories, problems arise. When theories become too rigid, the mind can no longer accept anything against it that easily. Whenever it senses any kind of threat, it sticks to the theories it has developed. These theories further guide our perception in the way we want to see it. But in some cases these theories trick us and we stop seeing the reality. Eventually, we end up in a state of denial.

For example:

Nowadays, teenagers are greatly influenced by various T.V shows, movies, and stories, etc. that propagate the idea of true love in a very dramatic way. Sometimes these shows and stories depict scenarios that are far from real. It is not that true love does not exist in real life but the dramatic way in which it is portrayed in movies and stories and the way it is concluded is far from reality. Eventually, these influence us making us form theories that are far away from reality. Sooner or later, these theories manifest themselves as perceptions. We start experiencing a world of imagination. But when this cloud of perception passes away, we start seeing the reality again. In many cases, the reality reveals itself in a very harsh way and we end up with a lot of negativity within us.

Facts or theories?

When the human mind sticks to one theory, it reacts only to the facts that support the theories and discard the opposing facts as ‘unrelated’ or ‘coincidence’. The supporting facts strengthen the theory even more with each passing day, thereby weakening the ability of the mind to see the reality. This is how we end up with a paralyzed mind and act stupid. Correct perception is one that is based on facts regarding the existing situation. If the facts are correct, they form a perception that enables us to form a clear picture of the situation and we tend to react reasonably.

It is important to note that both theories and facts are important to understand the real picture. Without theories, one’s mind is lost in the pool of information. Theories act as a glue that binds the facts together. The right way is to use theories after receiving and completely understanding the facts. Such theories help understand the situation in greater depth.

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