Factors that corrupt the mind

The mind is the most powerful weapon possessed by one. When handled correctly and efficiently, it can do wonders. But like any other weapon, it is very important to understand it, or, else it will harm you.

What is a corrupt mind?

The corrupt mind is one that has lost its reasoning and presence of mind. Throughout your life, you come across challenging situations, which can only be resolved using one’s presence of mind and common sense. But these aspects are corrupted due to the following factors, which then disrupt your sense of judgment and you tend to make wrong decisions.

Factors that corrupt mind 

Ego is a state of mind, in which one cannot tolerate and accept anything against themselves. The person becomes blind towards his weakness instead of fixing it. As a result, he never grows. He keeps on nurturing his false assumed reputation. Eventually, it handicaps his sense of judgment and perception and thereby his decision-making abilities. Finally, it leads to his downfall.

  1. Uncontrolled emotions

Emotions are an integral part of one’s life. Every incident in our life and every piece of information we come across produces an emotional response within us. But some situations impact us so deeply and produce an uncontrollable emotion of love, anger, jealousy, wants, etc. Such emotions capture all our attention and hamper our ‘presence of mind’. We get swayed by certain emotions and tend to make wrong decisions just to make ourselves feel better.

Though we need not become robotic and get rid of emotions altogether but we definitely need to keep our emotions under control.

  1. Wrong Influences

Last but not the least, the kind of influences we receive from our surrounding impacts to a great extent our thought process and priorities in life. A mind that is set on the wrong track by wrong external influences will always use its potential to achieve the wrong goals. Wrong goals always lead to the path of destruction.

For example, In the Mahabharata, the character of Karna is depicted as a brave warrior and a righteous person. In spite of being condemned by the entire society for belonging to a lower caste, he always believed in giving and doing the right thing and took pride in it. The influence of Duryodhana, made him use his powers for the wrong thing, and ultimately, it proved to be destructive for him. In spite of knowing and realizing the truth, he fought for the wrong side. Such is the impact of the wrong influence. Sometimes it paralyzes you to an extent that, you don’t even see the right thing.

In some way or the other ego, uncontrolled emotion, and wrong influence are the major factors that corrupt one’s mind and lead to their downfall.

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