Thought leads to Personality

‘Mind is everything, what you think is what you become’- Buddha

This is a very famous quote said by Lord Buddha. This simply means that everything that we think about determines how we finally turn out to be. But how does this work? And more importantly, how can we apply in our daily lives? Most of us would have heard people saying That a man’s true nature can easily be judged by his choices and the kind of people he hangs out with. Also, most of us agree to it. But why is this so?

Maybe because the kind of people we hang out with, influences our thought process to a great extent. Also, we are attracted to the people who think like us. Whatever the case may be, our thought has a great impact on our personality.

How does this work?

When we constantly think about something, it eventually starts molding our perception. We come across various kinds of information and experiences, and we are deeply touched by some of them and ignore the others. This preference of mind mainly depends upon the track in which it is set on. This track is further influenced by what we are feeding our minds in terms of thoughts. It is very clear that our thoughts greatly influence how we perceive the world around us. Now we all know that a person who is brought up in a loving, caring, and secure environment grows up to be like that and a person who is brought up in a family, where there are constant conflicts, develops a negative character. Similarly, our perception creates the world we live in. two people can perceive the same situation in different ways and the way they perceive determines the way they react to it. When this thought- perception-action cycle continuous for some time, you become habitual to it and this becomes your very nature. The seed of thought that you sowed in your mind yielded a fruit that became your personality.

How we can apply it in our lives?

We need to understand that it is our responsibility to feed our mind with good and positive thoughts. No matter how worse the situation gets, Our will power is the ray of hope and we are the charioteer of our life. We have to guide ourselves out of negative situations. As a charioteer, the control we yield over our lives is in the form of our thoughts.

After all, Good thoughts lead to a healthy body and good thoughts lead to a healthy mind.

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