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‘My views’, ‘My stand’, ‘ right thing to do’- heard a lot of such terms right?

Most of us would have come across situations where two people having contradicting views claim to be pursuing the right stand for the same situation. Ever wondered why?

Since the day we are born, we come across a variety of people and various kinds of situations in life. Slowly and gradually we start thinking and analyzing the situations, as a consequence of which, we start forming views and further train our minds to judge the situations we come across. Henceforth, we judge everything around us based on the conclusion derived from our analysis. A newborn baby has no friends and enemies, nothing is right and nothing is wrong. Choices and views are the perspectives we develop over some time.

 We live in a society where there are laid out rules for everybody. It has made a clear distinction in the form of what is right and wrong, and this data is passed onto us in the form of values. Every time we do something, which society considers to be right, we are appreciated and praised. Every time we do something that society considers being wrong, we are criticized and punished. These criticism and praises work as negative and positive reinforcements respectively.

Domestication of Human Beings

When children are brought up, they are treated with a series of positive and negative reinforcements to train their minds and to make them act in a way that the society feels is correct. When we start believing that we are independent don’t need anybody to tell us what is right and wrong, that is the point when we are completely domesticated.

Maybe this is why children are more creative than adults. The process of domestication restricted your thought- process.

Connectivity web

Information web of the society

If we consider how we were domesticated, we realize that we are nothing but a product of various kinds of information and influences we received. Just like a spider’s web, made of silk catches its prey, the world is nothing but a web of information and every human being denotes the intersection point where multiple information threads intersect. Just like no two intersections are the same, similarly, due to the variation in information available, no two human beings are the same. This intersection further give out more threads starting a new web.

We keep on analyzing everybody around us and judge them as being right or wrong. But we need to understand that ‘right’, or, ‘wrong’, at times, can be very subjective. It depends upon how one has been nurtured, how the concerned person is viewing the situation, and at times, the side of the situation which is completely hidden from us. We should never be very rigid with our judgments and choices and try to gather as much information as possible before forming a viewpoint.

It does not mean that right and wrong does not exist. Being right is merely acting right based on the information available to us and that evolves with time. It only means that one should not be very rigid while judging others and always be open to new information and other view points.

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