Child within You

We nurture our creativity

  When we nurture our inner child

  Let it run and roam free

  It will take you on a brighter journey”- Serina Hartwell

This beautiful quote by Serina Hartwell took me back into a world of memories where I met a little girl. She was around twelve years old. With gleamy eyes and excited face, she was watching her favorite cartoon. As soon as it got over she ran to her grandmother, laying her head on her lap started telling her how she was so inspired by the house in the cartoon. The mere imagination of her dream house gave her immense pleasure. She started discussing her plans with her grandmother, who in turn looked down and smiled at the innocent girl, and then she looked up at me. Her smile was pointing towards the quantum of transformation that I had undergone. It struck me hard. I could see what I had lost in this so-called process of ‘Growing up’.

Though it was merely my imagination it made me realize a very important thing. It was that little girl whose dreams I was fulfilling by working so hard. I realized how important it was for her to be with me when I entered my dream house. Without her, all my achievements would become meaningless.

This happens with most of us when we grow up. To be more and more mature and responsible, we keep on subduing the little child within us and ultimately end up killing it. Unfortunately, we consider this process to be fine, whereas, in reality, along with that child inside us we also give up our real self and happiness.

We see around people complaining about each and everything. We set big targets and settle down for nothing less than that. If by any chance we fail to achieve our target, we feel very demotivated, stressed and nothing makes us happy. This continues for some time and then we set new targets and chase it with all our heart and soul. But during this process, we miss all the little moments of happiness, which we complain about afterward. On the other hand, a child finds happiness in every little thing. It easily gets excited and upset about life. It never fixates on a particular event and flows just like a river. Just like a river never stops flowing even when it hits rocks, a child never stops living life. It finds it’s own way of happiness and lives every moment to it’s fullest.

Remember life is not just about big targets. It is a combination of small moments and bid targets. The mature adult and the child within you need to embark on this journey together. They are incomplete without each other.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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