Importance of Hobbies and Passion

People with many interests live, not only the longest but the happiest ’- George Mathew Allen

What do you think about all day? Earning money, fulfilling responsibilities, getting good grades, or, some other target?

Out of 24 hours a day, eight hours are spent sleeping and eight hours working for a living. Out of the remaining eight hours, some time is consumed in daily chores and the remaining is spent in fulfilling other responsibilities that we have as a parent, child, spouse, sibling, friend, neighbor, etc. This is the breakup of a single day for most of us.

But wait!

What about the relationship that you have with yourself? In what part of the day are you addressing that?

When we share a relationship with somebody, it requires constant care, mature handling, and efforts from both sides to keep it alive. Merely having it certified by the society doesn’t keep it going. The same is true for the relationship that we have with ourselves. The effort we put in for the sake of this relationship is called passion, which manifests itself as hobbies. Most of us have some fields in our minds that we are truly interested in. But not every interest pays well and is easily attainable. Call of the moment commands us to leave our passion and pursue something else to fulfill our basic requirements. Eventually, we find ourselves in a stable position and everything falls into the right place. But still, something feels missing and incomplete. Why?

Maybe because we get so involved in fulfilling responsibilities towards somebody else and compromised greatly on our responsibilities towards ourselves, that we are no longer happy. We may proudly claim to be good parent, child, friend, citizen, etc, but we will always find our inner self looking at us in despair. As a result of which all our achievements and happiness seem incomplete. Hobbies and passion make us feel happy. It is all about oneself. We are not bound by any responsibility. It makes you feel complete all by yourself and enables you to find happiness within yourself. Therefore, one should try to dedicate at least 1 hour every day doing what they like.

Though it is not easy for everybody to follow their passion but enough efforts should be put in. Giving up on your dreams means prioritizing the challenges more than your happiness. Every problem is merely a challenge, and, if the expected end result is your happiness, then the struggle is worth it.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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