How to explore Yourself

Lose yourself and you will find this world, lose this world and you will find this world”- Adeel Anular

Since the day we gained consciousness, we have been growing a bit every day. There has been a goal set in our life, which we have been struggling to achieve. This process sees no end, it is continuing for us. As a child, we struggled for good grades, wanted to play, wanted toys, etc. After gaining a little maturity, our focus shifts towards creating a stable career and earn money. Then comes the stage when we realize our responsibilities towards our parents, children, and society in general. Once this stage passes, all one wants is peace. Therefore, if we look back, our mind was always occupied by external goals, which are temporary. Now take a second and look back. Suppose you have achieved everything that you wanted in life. When you think about yourself, how do you recognize yourself? Maybe, as a rich, successful, and responsible person, right?

When somebody asks you, “what is a bag”, would you answer it by saying, “It is black in color”?

Obviously not!

So similarly, ‘successful’, ‘rich‘, and ‘responsible’ don’t define you, they are merely some layers of identification that you have developed over a while. You are the basic entity, which has given existence to the above layers of identification and traits.

Realizing that the traits you are recognized by are not the real you, is the very first step in the quest of exploring yourself. Thereafter, it starts a journey of life where the focus deviates towards internal growth. Slowly and gradually one realizes that the external world is nothing but a reflection of self. A better understanding of the inner self changes our perception of the external world to a great extent. It is a quest where every question leads to an answer and every answer leads to a new question. With every new answer, you shed off a layer of fake identity and what remains, in the end, is real you. This treasure hunt is the very purpose of life.

How to look for answers?

In this quest, life is the teacher and you are the disciple. Nobody can answer your questions. They can surely provide you with a direction, but the answer still has to be yours. Every answer is realized when you start observing yourself mindfully and further analyze all your observations. You have to start observing life as a third person. You have to study your situation and the emotional response it produces within you. With this study, a person understands himself better and becomes the master of his system. When this happens, he becomes mentally suitable to realize his true potential. On clearing this stage, you understand your conscience better which will further lead you to your true self.

Every episode of your life is a lesson of self-exploration. What kind of student you become is your call.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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