Cowards die many times many times their deaths, the valiant never taste the death but once’ –William Shakespeare

Call it Bravery, courage, or, valor, this word is used in various situations and everyone would have come across this word at least once. But what is it really? This thought reminds me of two stories from Hindu mythology: Prahalad in Narsimha avatar and Abhimanyu in Mahabharata.

Prahalad, son of Hiranyakashyap, was a true devotee of Lord Vishnu. Being a demon and an enemy of Lord Vishnu, Hiranyakashyap strongly criticized it and made may attempts to kill his own child. Prahalad, who was just a 5 year old child at that time did not give up his faith due to fear and stood strong against his father. In the second story, Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna. He was just a teenager and newly married at the time of the war of Mahabharata. Fully aware of the fact that his wife was pregnant at that time, bravely entered chakravyuh, while putting his life at stake and failed the ill – intentions of the enemy. Thereby, he sacrificed his life to keep going the righteous war against the wrongdoers.

In the first story, a child stood by his faith and devotion and in the second case, a person sacrificed his life for what felt right to him. But there is one thing common in both the stories. They both knew that they were weak compared to their opponents.

Somewhere we all are dealing with similar situations in our lives. Amidst so many variations in perspectives and rigid opinions, we all are struggling to express ourselves truly and be who we truly are.

As a child, we all were unaware of the rules and complications of the society. As an untamed beast, we followed our hearts. But as we grew up we started adjusting. We started giving more importance to adjusting to the rules and principles of the society than being ourselves. We sacrificed our best phase and face to become somebody, the society admires. I guess this is true for most of us. Somewhere or the other we all have sacrificed and adjusted to the rules of the society.

But it’s time we act bravely and stand for our true self. We need to stop getting approvals from society and become what we truly are.

Not being scared to be you is the real bravery

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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  1. Exactly!! Only make sacrifices when you know that it will do someone good….. When becoming a puppet in the hands of the so called society is not always good… Be brave and stand against anything wrong!!

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