Appreciating Life

An appreciation of what you have brings the ultimate abundance in your life “- Debashish Mridha ( Goodreads)

One morning, when I was scrolling through my messages when I happened to receive a link from one of my friends. He volunteered in an NGO and used to send me many such cases where people of weaker sections were being exploited. The link he sent me was documentation of one such society ‘Sewer workers’. It was documentation by Scoop Whoopdone in the city of Mumbai, where many Sewer workers were interviewed and their working conditions were studied. What struck me hard was an interview given by a worker whose family has been stuck up in this profession for 3 years. He used to clean sewage without any safety measures during the day and used alcohol as a means to forget that horror at night. He had no choice. The society had suppressed him physically and mentally. Apart from increasing my awareness of one more important subject- Appreciating life.

What I Learnt From Climbing Into Human Waste | Chase by ScoopWhoop

After watching the entire video, I looked around to find a comfortable shelter, a good society, all basic facilities, and most importantly, the freedom to make choices. I always knew I had these but now I also started appreciating it.

This happens with most of us. We all want a better life for ourselves. The problem is that the definition of a better life is not clearly defined. It keeps changing from time to time. Human beings tend to compare themselves with the people that they feel are better off. This tendency in turn paves way for new desires and therefore, new targets. In this way, we start working towards our new target. This process in itself is not wrong. It is a process of growth. The problem arises when we start devaluing what we have. In our excitement towards the new target, we stop appreciating what we have. We forget that what we have today is a luxury for many people. It is something that we were once excited about. Since the process of comparison and finding new targets never stops, true happiness and satisfaction are never found. Even after working so hard, we feel dejected and restless all our lives.

Happiness is your present state of mind which can truly be achieved by appreciating your own life. Goals and desires pave way for growth, but they should not come in the way of you appreciating what you have. If you are not happy now, you will never be happy because wants will always be a future and present is what you have. Only appreciating your present can lead you towards happiness.  

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9 thoughts on “Appreciating Life

  1. To ‘know’ what we did have and not be blinded in what we ‘could’ have is most certainly an appreciation. In fact, to understand that it is what has made us, is wisdom indeed.
    Well written 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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  2. We forget to appreciate things we have… We want more and more, and always think about things that others have… We wish if we could have it too…. At that time, think about people who don’t even have things that we have! Be grateful to God for all that he have you!!


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