Ideal Role Model

Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating” – John Wooden

At some point in our lives, we all must have come across ‘someone’, seeing whom we felt like- ‘ This is what I want to become’. Next, we start following them on social media and try to copy their attitude, lifestyle, hobbies, etc. in the hope that at some time we will become just like them. It surely works for some people, but in some cases, people do it so blindly that they lose their originality.

We all are born in different conditions, cultures, and live our lives in different scenarios. As a result, over a period of time, we pick up different traits. These traits together render us a different personality. Human beings may have the same traits but they never have the same personality. Each and every human being on this earth is different and therefore, has different requirements. When you chose one role model and try to imitate their lifestyle, habits, and attitude, you only cater to those traits of yours that resemble your role model and work to become a personality that is neither you nor relevant to your requirements. A genuine process of growth and evolution requires you to cater to all your traits, strength, and weakness. In the long run, you fail to attain your full potential. You surely will become like your role model in certain traits that you admire but you will still be irrelevant to your own situation.

Ideal Role model

It is inarguable that everybody needs a role model, who will become your new target in this process of evolution aka life.

How to choose your role model? 

Before getting to this question, it is important to understand yourself. It is important to know and completely accept your background, originality, strength, and weakness because what you ultimately evolve into will be a derivative of your original nature. Therefore, take inspiration from multiple people who have grown out of challenges that resemble yours. This will help you to have a realistic approach to growth. Thereafter form a mental picture of yourself based on the definition of ideal personality derived from your understanding of yourself and inspiration taken from other people who have grown out of similar situations. Thereafter allow this image of ideality to guide your actions. Slowly and gradually, you will observe yourself evolving into a personality who has harnessed their full potential.

Every personality is special and has a role to play in this society. But this can only be done when you become the best version of yourself and harness your full potential. Imitating somebody else and craving to live their life will just inhibit your growth. You will never find happiness and respect in your own personality. It is always better to be an imperfect version of yourself than being a perfect photocopy of somebody else.

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