Self- Talk

Self Talk is the most powerful form of communication because it either empowers or defeats you “ – Wright Thuston

A very bold quotation by Mr. Wright Thuston which when understood correctly, will make a lot of difference in your life and change your perspective entirely.

But how will a simple talk do this?

Just imagine all the times when you were upset or demotivated. You straightaway approached your friend or relative who then made you feel like home. Right? Their soothing voice made you feel that everything was fine and if not then a little more effort will make everything fine.

Self-talk works just like that. Consciously or unconsciously, we all tend to talk to ourselves. When done unconsciously, it is merely a reflection of whatever situation we have been through, which have impacted us on a subconscious level. As a result, even when things are normal, we suddenly experience a wave of happiness or distress. But it is important to realize that by controlling self-talk, a person can learn to control the negative thoughts and channelize their thought process in a positive direction.

Impact of Self Talk

Imagine a child who is brought up in an environment where parents keep on fighting with each other and criticize him for every little mistake. That child grows up to develop a negative self-image and becomes very insecure. On the contrary, a child who is brought up in a caring and loving environment grows up to develop a positive self-image, filled with confidence. The impact that parents and living conditions have on a child is exactly the kind of impact that self-talk has on a person.

A person who does positive self-talk will instantly feel a soothing effect, the situation becomes more clear, and making a rational decision becomes easy. Though it will not solve your problems it will provide you with the strength and the right attitude required dealing with them. You end up making the best use of every situation you come across. The same is the case with negative self-talk. No matter what the situation may be, negative self-talks make it worse. It will make you unable to see the way out of the problem and eventually it will make you insecure and less confident.

It is a person’s responsibility to control the kind of self-talk they do with themselves. You should treat your inner self like your child that requires constant care and attention. Create an environment for it to grow in the right direction and make it feel comfortable. Take the first step now and initiate a positive conversation with it.

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