Road to Success

You can’t win unless you learn how to lose”- Kareem Abdul Jabbar

We all are different personalities. With this differs our goals and requirements. But one thing that unites all of us is that we all want to be successful in life, in whatever path we have chosen for ourselves. At the beginning of this journey, everybody is excited. Then why is that only a few of us make it till the end and succeed?

The answer to this question probably lies in the above quote.

Success is the destination of your path of growth and growing requires getting out of one’s comfort zone and limitations and unlocking the door to a better version of your personality. The process of growth makes you worthy of the success that you work for. In this path, you come across various challenges, each more difficult than the previous, which when overcome gives you experience, a new lesson, and a sense of responsibility. Unfortunately, most of us don’t understand this. We begin our journey with great enthusiasm but when the situation requires us to get out of our comfort zone and deal with the challenges, we take a step back and start complaining about everything. In this way, we give up in the middle of our journey itself. It is very essential to understand that just like every lock has a key, similarly, every problem has a solution. Every challenge that you come across in your life is the lock of the gate that will lead you to your next stage. There will be many failed attempts. These failures give you more lessons and experience, which acts as a key to that gate.

The failure that you experience should not be taken as a restriction, nor should they be allowed to demotivate you. When you lose you discover your weak points which are an important aspect of growth. Once you deal with your failures and work on your flaws, you find the solution.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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