Real growth over Fake Perfection

“ Chief proof of a man’s greatness lies in the perception of his own smallness”- Sign of four

In one of his novels of Sherlock Holmes series, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle made a statement, the relevance of which is beyond time.

We all would agree to the fact that we live in a society where everybody is running after ‘Perfection’. In this competitive era, it has become highly essential to flaunt one’s capabilities and hide one’s flaws. Even if it is not, it is portrayed so. This thought process made us highly insecure about our flaws. We are so scared of judgment and losing this never-ending race that many of us have started living a pretentious life. Unfortunately, we are fine with it.

The above statement by author points towards the same flaws and problems that you are hiding from this world. The living conditions and thereby, the requirements vary for each one of us. We all may not be in a situation where it is possible to express oneself entirely. Even if it is, we may choose not to. But it is very important to acknowledge and address it. Your inner self is like a child with both good and bad habits. A good mother may or may not talk about her child’s bad habits in front of others, but she will address it. She will use a system of positive-negative reinforcement to bring her child back on the right track. Similarly, it is our responsibility that we identify our flaws and work on them. Being ignorant to prevent losing face in front of society is just hiding the problems and not solving it.

Growth over Fake Perfection

Ever wondered what happens to a child whose bad habits were not addressed by his mother?

You are right!

He grows up with it and they will be reflected in his personality and attitude. This will further invite more problems for him. Just like that, when you leave your flaws unattended, it reflects our attitude and personality. You start being defensive and insecure. This will further start a chain of problems.

We need to understand that everybody has flaws. Growing above them is more important than pretending to be perfect. In the road of growth dealing with flaws is equally important as flaunting one’s capabilities. Rise above the judgmental society and work for your betterment. Appreciate real growth over fake perfection.

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  1. You are right!! If you have some flaws, work on it. But don’t try to be someone you aren’t. Learn from your mistakes, instead of pretending to be perfect at something!


    1. Rightly said! We spend our entire life pretending rather than growing. So we never achieve our full potential

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