Society and Change

“Society exists only as a mental concept; in the real world there are only individuals”– Oscar Wilde

This quote by Oscar Wilde, no matter how simple it seems, conveys a very deep message. Whenever we come across any discussion where the problems of the society like gender inequality, racism, judgment, or body shaming are being discussed, we suddenly find the entire group talking in one voice. Everybody agrees that any form of inequality is wrong.

But wait! Then where is the problem?

Lately, I saw everybody talking about mental health and advising others to be less judgmental. One of my classmates had posted a story on Instagram talking about the same. She was criticizing people who judge and bully others and was advising people to take care of their mental health. Ironically, she was the same person who was making fun of her own classmate on WhatsApp group the day before for being highly studious. That entire conversation was being considered as a joke for others as well. This is where the problem starts.

We all know what is right and what is wrong. The problem with us is that we don’t foresee the possible consequences beforehand. We only take notice when the problem becomes intense. Even when we notice it, we don’t introspect or try to understand how we were a part of it, instead, we start blaming others. We start playing blame games and point fingers at each other on social media. Though we complain about society being too judgmental, we never miss any opportunity to make fun of our friends when they do something stupid. We all judge people around us at some level. The entire discussion calms down with no improvement. Though everybody is aware of the problems, they stay in a state of denial towards the one thing which is in our hands, our contribution towards the problem.

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We all are like droplets in the ocean, called society. Any problem in society can only be addressed by individuals who bring a change in themselves first and then set an example to inspire others. Every big change happens as a consequence of many small changes. Do talk about change but before that be a change.

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  1. Its awsm to read this sruti,, one thing i learned that if you are pointing figure to others so rest 4 fingures are pointing to yourself also,,we have to introspect before judging others, thanks for this blog

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