Social Responsibility

There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed”- Woodrow T. Wilson

Human beings are social creatures. Since the beginning, we have been living in communities. We are born with a tendency to form groups like family and friends. Many such groups together form a community, and, many such small communities form a society. We make society what it is today.

Consider an apartment that has been taken on rent. While inhabiting the apartment we do our best to beautify it and to transform it into a home. Though it does not belong to us we still care for it and feel connected to it. It becomes our responsibility to hand over the apartment to the next tenant or the owner in an appropriate condition. Similarly, the society we live in is our responsibility. Our lifetime is the carrier of this society from one generation to the other and it is our responsibility that it is handed over to the next generation in an appropriate condition.

It is our moral responsibility to return any favor that we take from somebody. In the same way, we received an identity, growth, and experience as a consequence of being a part of this community. But what happens next? We get busy with our progress. We make money, ensure our stability, and forget about what we owe back to society. This is what makes society hollow. Later we comment on the degrading nature of this society as if we had nothing to do with that. Well, maybe that is the main problem. Knowing that we are creatures who highly depend on community living, we cannot dissociate community welfare from personal growth. It is important to realize that one cannot sustain without the other. Just like a hollow container cannot sustain material, similarly, a hollow society cannot sustain growth. We will grow up to a certain extent, but a backward society will pull us back quickly.

We often hear people giving excuses saying that their contribution will not make a difference.

I agree!

We may not be able to change other people or construct a better society all by ourselves. All we need to do is place the bricks of effort in the process of construction instead of waiting for the entire society to come to the same realization.

Do your bit in constructing a better society

Because guess what? That will never happen!

These few bricks will soon attract likeminded people who would contribute further. This brings a considerable change. Don’t wait or ask for a change. Be one and start one. But before all, realize that doing something for the society is not merely a service, it is your responsibility.

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An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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  1. These are very pertinent ideas for our time. There will be a lot of rebuilding to do after covid19 is past. We will all need to be strong to give our best effort. Thank you, Sruti, for this thoughtful and timely post.

    Take care.


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