Is being a literate enough?

‘Constable shoots at a colleague in Delhi’

‘One Techie kills herself after being assaulted by her husband for being incapable of bearing a child’

‘Pregnant elephant dies after cracker filled pineapple exploded in her mouth’

‘Killing of George Floyd’

These are just a few of the cases that we have witnessed in the past two months. What is common in all these cases?

All this while we have been emphasizing on educating people, hoping that their mindset will change, hoping that we are taking a firm step towards a better society. But all the above cases reflect a serious problem that we have been overlooking so far- lack of moral values. Our education system talks about history, science, mathematics, art, etc. From the beginning itself, we teach kids about the competitions. They are brought up in an environment where excelling at certain subjects becomes very important because we live in a world where only the fittest survives. Right?

But do you ever wonder how this impacts our mindset? Slowly and gradually it makes us very materialistic. We have started evaluating every situation based on profit and loss. All we think about is how to make more money, or, how to push back the other person so that we can find success. We give no importance to anything unless it profits us in some way. This hunger for success, money, and fame has made us hollow from inside and we have lost control of the one thing, our basic nature- humanity- the very quality of being a human. To add to it, the society we live in has become very rigid with its perspectives, including ourselves. We have a set perspective on ideal skin color, height, looks, income, status, and every criterion you can think of. This inculcates a deep desire to be perfect. When appreciation for ideal looks or status becomes very overpowering, it also makes us judgmental towards others, and also, the concept of self-love loses its meaning. In extreme cases, it makes one lose hold of humanity. The above four cases are just the severe consequences of the above causes.

This in no way means that education or competition is not important, or, people should not appreciate their looks and achievements. It just means that literacy or success matters as long as we hold on to humanity. A society that lacks humanity cannot be uplifted even with a record of 100 % literacy rate. It should be our primary goal and the very first lesson.

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