Anger- good or bad?

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape 100 days of sorrow”- Buddha’s Teachings

What is anger? 

Whenever we come across any situation where life, situation, or, people around us exhibit an unexpected behavior that is not in your favor, it generates a fierce negative emotion within us known as anger. Consequently, we start criticizing everyone and everything around us in order to get that negative emotion out of us. In some people, it takes a destructive turn which makes them break stuff around them, or, in some cases, they even get into a scuffle with other people. All the above reactions which we witness in our daily lives portray a negative picture in front of us. But is anger really a bad emotion? Can it have a positive impact on people’s lives?

We should never forget that the same ’anger’, several times, has led the society on the path of positive change in the past. Then what is it that makes this emotion constructive or destructive in nature?

The answer is very simple- It is you.

As I have already mentioned in my blog- , our thought process has a great influence on our actions. For a person whose actions are ruled by his ego, all his actions are directed towards pleasing his ego. Such a person has no control over his emotions. He thinks not with his mind, but with his ego. The consequences of such an act can never be positive or constructive.

On the contrary, a person who uses his mind and emphasizes more on making rational decisions than pleasing his ego, he will first take some time and evaluate the reasons for his anger. Thereafter, he will make a rational decision which is in the best interest of him and the society. A person who gives more preference to personal development, even at the cost of the development of the society, tends to use his mind and emotions against the society and soon falls into his own trap. He soon loses his rationality and control over his emotions, in an effort to please his ego and invite problems for himself. The emotions which were once his weapons turn against him and pave way for his destruction.

Concluding, I would just like to say that no emotion is positive or negative. When it is under your control, you can channelize it in a positive direction. But when you are under its control, it destroys you and society.

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