“Let your faith be bigger than your fear”- Hebrews 13:6

Today’s generation is trapped amidst a conflict between science and faith. Earlier, there was a certain set of rules and ideologies which were believed by everybody in a society. They formed the guidelines of our thought process. With the growth in science, people have started asking questions about it. As a result, many people have lost their belief in the pre-existing ideologies. Now there exists a clear division between people who have discarded all their beliefs and are exploring all the aspects of life from scratch, and, people who are unwilling to let go of the thread of faith that was passed on to them by their ancestors.

Which of the above two sections you think is right?

Before answering this question, we need to understand faith.

Faith is believing in an idea that uplifts your mind, motivates you and makes you a better person, an idea which is out of the realm of exploration for you.

Why was faith used as a tool?

When we strongly believe in something, it channelizes our thought process, emotions, and actions accordingly. Moreover, it also increases our chances of achieving something as I have already mentioned in my post- When this faith is directed in a positive direction, it makes people positive, believes in the power of being righteous and contribute towards the welfare of society. But in the long run, it creates a bunch of problems.

You might have heard a story, where 5 monkeys were put in a cage that had a ladder with bananas on the top. Every time, a monkey tried to climb the ladder, the other monkey was sprayed with water. After 5- 6 times, the other monkeys started beating up the one which tried to climb the ladder. Eventually, one of them was replaced The new monkey, when it tried to climb the ladder was beaten up by other four monkeys. Eventually, all the monkeys in the cage were replaced. Every new monkey witnessed the same process. Although in the new lot, none of the monkeys had ever witnessed water spray, the fear was passed on, so they never dared to climb the ladder.  

This experiment clearly explains how fear is transferred from one generation to another, but reasons are not. This gave the concept of ‘faith’ a completely different turn.

( I will continue in the next post how faith is transferred into the form we see it today)

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  1. Faith is the very essence of our living. It is through the undying faith of child in her parents that she laughs when we throw her up. If we too could smile when life throws us up, we would attain salvation.
    A very good series of posts on faith

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