Faith- II

As explained in the previous post, faith originally was a weapon that helped promote ideologies that contribute to the upliftment and welfare of the society.
In the story mentioned in the previous post, the monkeys had developed a fear due to the water spray. The fear was passed on to the next lot. Similarly, every faith originally had a righteous root cause. They were propagated in the name of good deeds and bad deeds. Anybody who believed in these ideologies was treated with respect and received a great deal of appreciation from society. On the contrary, when a person questioned or refused to abide by those ideologies, they had to take disrespect and criticism from society. Over a while, these positive and negative reinforcements became more important than the route cause for which the ideology was propagated. Eventually, these ideologies transformed into faith when past down the generations.

For example, in the early days, caste was decided based on occupation, which was a personal choice. Responsibilities and roles were allotted based on the choice that a person made. The definition of right and wrong was decided based on the path chosen by the person and he had a say in it. Ideology in the caste system was propagated to maintain a balance in society. But eventually, it transformed into a practice where caste was allotted at birth based on family background and the person was forced to walk on the prescribed path. Soon certain sections emerged that claimed their superiority over the others. In this way, a practice that was originally meant to maintain a balance in the society created a rift in it.

Unfortunately, when faith and practices were passed on from one generation to another, more emphasis was laid on the physical act of doing and the associated reaction of the society, than the reasoning behind the faith. Like this, a reasonable faith transformed into blind faith. Some people claim to be the stakeholders of religion and propagate everything favorable to them in the name of faith. They then start a business of manipulations where thousands of people are misguided in the name of faith and fear of God.

Not all practices and faith are wrong but it is always important to question it and know the reasoning behind it. With time society evolves and with that changes its requirements. Only by knowing the real reasons behind faith can one do justice with it. Question, explore, and then believe in what you do.

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4 thoughts on “Faith- II

  1. Very rational and well-thought-out post, Sruti! Very well-written. I learned about the history of the caste system…very interesting. I suspect that as in the US, vestiges of outlawed practices still haunt us today.

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    1. That is true probably because with time the society and requirements changed but the practices did not evolve. Our fear and ignorance is stopping us from understanding our faith. Glad you like itπŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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