Time for ourselves

“I would love to, but I don’t have enough time”, do you remember saying this when your friends, family, or probably your inner self asked you to participate in or do something that you love but you refused stating lack of time?
Well, I have, a bunch of times. Did you ever get time after that?

During this lockdown period, we had plenty of time. Barring the outdoor activities, how many indoor hobbies did we do? It was then I realized that my complaint about not having time was just an excuse. It was not a matter of time, but the priorities.

Most of us have been brought up in an environment where success is perceived in terms of good marks, more money, and, status in society. This approach has made us treat our time as an investment. The more you put in, the more chances you have of being successful. As a result, all the hobbies that don’t generate money or, don’t take us towards success are considered a waste of time and we tend to avoid it. We use a bunch of excuses, like the lack of time to justify ourselves to our inner selves. But when you come across a situation when doing something that consumes an equal amount of time, as that of your hobby, becomes a priority, you somehow manage to allot some time for it in your busy schedule, be it an urgent assignment or job problems. You surely do complain about it, but you still do it somehow.

In this materialistic world, we tend to forget that we are the center of all our achievements and success in our lives. As much as these factors matter, our mental health and satisfaction play an equally important role. Though it is not perceived by others and will not be a criterion of success when other people judge you, when you will look deep inside you, these will be the only factors that will matter. Your success is incomplete without these factors.

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