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Why is it that only 1% of people succeed in their life?

“99 % of people who give up are employed by 1 % who never gave up”-

In the above quote, 1% refers to those people who are following their passion in spite of all problems, the remaining 99% of people are those who are unhappy but are afraid to take the required risks. This is the basic algorithm used by life when it segregates successful people from stagnant people.Often, we come across situations in life where we find ourselves standing on a crossroad from where emerge two different pathways. It is the choice, we make at the point that decides our destination. Unlike actual crossroads, we can anticipate to some extent the opportunities, hardships, and the probable milestones offered by the path chosen by us.

Generally, we tend to decide based on two factors- the amount of effort to be put on our behalf and the possibility of getting success. This probably is the reason why most of us stick to the 9-5 job life, as, owning a business will demand a great amount of effort at a point where success seems far fetched.

This is the point where the people who are passionate about success think differently from people who want stability. That 1 % population decides based on target and stakes. Given a situation where on one path you might have to path an enormous amount of effort and the chances of succeeding are just 1 %, and on the other path you can live a stable life at the cost of your target; what would you chose?

This choice shows your deep desire. If it is ‘success’, you will gladly choose the path that offers 1 % possibility. On the contrary, if it is stability, you will gladly give up the path with an enormous amount of effort. It is all about perspective. This perspective and the resulting choice sends a signal to nature. On such repeated signals, nature offers you what you desire.

Success is not about privilege or talent. It is mostly about this choice.

Not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. This is just an effort to inspire those who are unhappy with their career path and fear taking the required risk.

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Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

10 thoughts on “Why is it that only 1% of people succeed in their life?

  1. One of the main reasons that only 1% succeed in what they attempt to do is only 1% of people write down their goals. I enjoyed reading your post. It is insightful. Stay safe.

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  2. There are possibly two reasons Sruti.
    The first is, people don’t want to give up their jobs over their dreams because they must be under family commitments. They won’t come back.
    The second reason is, people who are in comfort zone won’t come and talk about their dreams. The people who don’t come under these two categories, will come out and chase their goals.

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    1. Thankyou for your insights Muralikrish. I agree with you on the two reasons. Lately I came across few people who were feeling anxious because of the struggles they were facing in their chosen path to an extent that they were willing to give up. It was just an effort to motivate anybody who is facing similar problems.

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  3. There are different definitions of success. Not everyone wants to be a business owner or CEO or is suited for it.

    I once had a job when I was young that I did not particularly like except that It required little thought. My thoughts were my own. When I became a teacher, I had to think about my work. Since I found teaching very interesting and satisfying, I didn’t mind thinking about my work. Teaching is a career chosen for fulfillment, not monetary success.

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    1. You are right success has different definitions for everybody. Glad to know that you are living your dream. There are many people, who fear pursuing what they like because of their fear. This is just an effort to motivate people who are unhappy with their career path, towards taking the risk required for their dreams. Business is just used as an example

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