Unpredictable Life

“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”- John Lenon

How many of you are aware of Gordon Ramsay? I believe anybody who is remotely interested in cooking would have heard of him. Do you know he always wanted to be a footballer?

He was selected to play under- 14 football at the age of 12. He has claimed to have played the first two team game for Rangers. Ramsay trained with Rangers for a few months but then he got injured. After his knee injury, he was forced to rethink his future. He then ended up back at school and earned a degree in hotel management to become the renowned chef we know today.

This journey of Ramsay teaches all of us an important lesson- life is highly unpredictable. Walking on a path where we don’t know what may befall us the next moment, we tend to plan the next 40 years of it. While thinking about life, we consider it to be a straight line, unaware of all the twists and turns. This makes us build up some unrealistic expectations. When these break, we start feeling dejected and negative. Whereas these twists and turns set us on a whole another track, for which our existing plans become irrelevant.

In our present circumstances, where the world is going through a great deal of transformation, understanding this becomes highly crucial. For many of us, the plans made in the pre-COVID may no longer be relevant. With so much transformation changed our priorities and responsibilities. Our society has witnessed a major setback because of COVID, therefore, a new component has been added to our list of growth, i.e., upliftment of the mental and financial state of the society. It’s time to revisit and rethink our plans. Our existing rigid plan, if irrelevant to the present circumstances, will ruin our future and our society.

Let me know your views on this.

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7 thoughts on “Unpredictable Life

  1. Certainly the time to start practising acceptance for things out of control! Equally – as you say – time to be flexible and consider the possibly of other paths. Thanks for your wisdom

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  2. Sruti, a very astute observation on the need to reevaluate our plans post-covid19! The changes in our world will continue to be profound for a long time. Maybe we can make the world better than it was before! Take care, Cheryl

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