It is OK to feel Vulnerable

Did it ever feel like you were emotionally exhausted and weak? or perhaps, you were so troubled by an event or fact that you no longer feel like getting up, talking to anybody, or working?

Many of you would have been through this phase, or, some of you might be going through this phase right now. I just want to tell you one thing; it is ok to feel that way.

Nowadays, we have confined our mind in a virtual bubble of perfection. Be it social media or your neighborhood, everywhere you see people leading a perfect life. This sometimes makes you wonder if you are the only one who is facing problems. Therefore, it generates a sense of frustration and negativity within you. But if you closely observe and try to understand, you will realize that every other person is going through or have been through something or the other, while pretending to be perfect on the social front.

There may be various reasons for it. Many of us pretend to be perfect because we don’t want people to know that we are in an emotionally disturbed state where it is easy to manipulate us. Secondly, we may feel that the people around us may not be able to understand our problems and might judge us. It may also be that we don’t want to lose face in front of others. Reasons vary based on the nature of an individual and circumstances, and many times they may even be justified. What is not fair is you being hard on yourself for feeling such a way, or feeling stupid.

Everybody makes mistakes. They are a part of your life and also an important aspect of growth. If you are not making mistakes or feeling weak at times, then you are not growing. Accept your flaws and pave way for a better future.

Let me know your views on the subject.

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10 thoughts on “It is OK to feel Vulnerable

  1. Thank you, Chief, for reminding us that everyone has problems and that no one is perfect.

    When I was young, I used to envy others…those allowed to attend school dances and movies, those who were popular or had better grades, those who had stylish clothes, had gotten their ears pierced…As time went on, I discovered they all have problems and vulnerabilities, just as I do. Sometimes I learned of things that had happened to those I thought had it all, and I gradually realized that envy is pointless. Best regards, Cheryl


    1. Thank you, Sruti for your thought-provoking post. I know that everyone has problems, no matter if it seems they are livinhg the perfect life, never make mistakes, and get everything they want. I guess time teaches us that everyone has problems and vulnerabilities. We have to live our own best life and not worry about what others have or do. Stay safe and well. Cheryl

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      1. You are right Cheryl living in an illusion of being perfect hold us back in several ways. Accepting that we have problems and not being ashamed of the sets us on a new journey of growth. Glad you like it☺☺

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  2. The way you present the day to day feelings of any person or how one day is different from another is spectacular. Just keep writing your thoughts, you never know how many people you are motivating. Keep up the great work.
    Yours truly,

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  3. What wonderful insights. It is true that many people are feeling this way. I love this statement: “If you are not making mistakes or feeling weak at times, then you are not growing. Accept your flaws and pave way for a better future.” Thank you for sharing. Stay safe.

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