Professional life v/s Personal life

Don’t confuse having a career with having a life”- Hillary Rodham Clinton

This lesson, though very simple in appearance, is something that we all struggle with. Maintaining a work-life balance is a huge task and at times can be very frustrating, especially when one of these fronts is posing great challenges in your life.

I realized the importance of this subject while talking to one of my friends who was doing exceptionally good in her professional life but was going through a big emotional change in her personal life. She was witnessing a conflict between two completely different personalities of hers. No matter who wins this fight, she would be the one losing it. This generated a sense of frustration within her.

While dealing with people professionally, we present ourselves boldly and stably. We analyze situations more rationally than emotionally. Pausing a while feels like a setback. Our professional life revolves around hard work and achievements. But when it comes to personal life, a different personality is required who is soft at heart and considers emotions while making decisions. The problem arises when these personalities interfere in each other’s realm. This can be witnessed when you get highly emotional while dealing with colleagues and clients or try to suppress emotions to present yourself boldly in front of the loved ones. At this point, your life loses balance and you witness anxiety and frustration.

It is important to understand that it is not one day’s job to achieve this balance but requires constant efforts. Before creating a balance these personalities have to be understood separately, in terms of their nature and wants. Thereby, based on the circumstances, these personalities should be employed at one’s own will. Conscience plays with different personalities of oneself, and using them appropriately in different circumstances helps one attain stability and clarity in life. Understand, master, and then play.

Let me know your views on the subject.

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  1. That’s a hard problem I have struggled with during my working life. As a retired person trying to do all the creative activities I never had time for, I am trying to maintain a balance between left-brain ( practical side) vs. right-brain (creative side). When I am using the right-brain, I may forget to eat, pick up the mail from the mailbox, get the clothes out of the dryer, or pick up the groceries on schedule. This is a huge struggle for me! Thank you, Sruti, for a post that addresses this type of conflict. Take care. Cheryl

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