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Understanding Relationship

Relationship, a bond between two people, is a thread that binds different people to form what we call a society. We all are in some kind of relationship with someone be it a parent-child relationship, love relationship or sibling relationship, etc. Every relationship that we are a part of has some kind of influence on our thought process, personality, and also the path of life we choose to walk on. It won’t be wrong to say that we are always under this influence. Therefore, understanding the dynamics of a relationship becomes highly crucial.

Every relationship is different from one another in terms of its nature. The factor that makes one relationship more prior than the other is the personal space shared. Larger the shape more prior is the relationship. A relationship rests on several pillars depending on its nature and requirements such as love, compatibility, trust, honesty, and mutual understanding, etc. Failure of any of the required pillar will make the relationship hollow and weak.


Balancing a relationship requires creating a balance between the external and internal environments of both people involved. This requires them to function as a system with 4 completely different environments- two internal and two external. Compromises and negotiations can be made from time to time but none of the 4 aspects can be neglected completely. Achieving this balance at one point in time is fairly easy. The real struggle lies in maintaining this balance. It requires constant effort from both the people involved. Negligence on one’s part is sufficient to destroy it.

I would conclude by saying that relationship is just like a car in which on both sides, the wheels have to functions efficiently and at the same pace. Just like a car cannot function without any of its four wheels, the relationship cannot function by compromising on any one of the four factors.

Let me know your views on this.

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