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Give a person a mask to see his true colors

As human beings, we all tend to judge people around us, mostly when we interact with them. We take note of their behavior towards us, their thought process, and actions based on which we form an opinion about them. Over a while, these opinions become rigid. In some cases, our opinions end up being right, but in many cases, they turn out to be the exact opposite of what we thought.

Ever happened?

Where did we go wrong?

This is where the saying, ‘Give a person a mask to see his true colors comes into the picture. The human tendency is to be at their best behavior when under observation. We all want people to like us. Under such circumstances, we tend to hide all our flaws and be at our best behavior to impress others but as soon as we realize that nobody is seeing us we get back to our natural state. Therefore, any opinion of us formed by others during our interaction will highly depend on our requirements and state of mind then.

Now here’s an issue, forming an opinion about others is important. This helps us in analyzing the crowd we are surrounded by. Then what should we do?

The best we can do is to realize that a person’s true nature is not judged based on one factor. It is also a factor of how he treats others, especially people who are lower than his rank. The comparison between the two shows you the difference between his best behavior and his natural behavior.

It is also important to understand that everything can be faked. You can only conclude based on what you see. Therefore, never be very rigid with your conclusions. Every second update your opinion. Rigid conclusions and perceptions are powerful enough to break you.

Let me know your views about it.

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Published by Sruti Shivakumar

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