Redefining Strength- Is crying wrong?

Crying isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of having tried too hard to be strong for too long”- Whisper

I was living in a misconception for a very long time. Since childhood, I have been defining strength as the capability of holding back one’s emotions. It always felt that crying was a symbol of my weakness. When this thought took shelter in my mind, it eventually made it harder for me day by day to express myself in front of others. I did not realize this problem until the day it was pointed to me by my therapist. That is when I started tracing back the root cause which sowed such thoughts in my mind. I talked to many people about it. Ultimately it became clear that it is not just me, this belief is subconsciously impacting all our thought process. You pass this belief onto the next generation the very day you tell your child that it is wrong to cry, or, make stuff in front of relatives and neighbors to hide his flaws. As a society this is how most of us judge and analyze other people. As a result, our children carry forward the same ideology and thought process.

Crying is a reaction through which a human being relieves his pain emotionally or otherwise. It is a method used by the body to express the pain and consequent stress experienced by it. It is an expression that makes the human system stronger by letting out emotions. By crying, you make sure that you don’t hold on to the stress. On the contrary when you don’t cry, you block the outlet of emotions and weaken yourself. This inability to express emotional stress is reflected in the society in the form of mental health problems.

Ask yourself, is it worth holding to the stress to pretend being strong in front of a judgmental society?

Let me know your views on this.

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12 thoughts on “Redefining Strength- Is crying wrong?

  1. Other than making ourselves understand that it’s okay to cry I guess it is important too that the society starts viewing crying as a normal emotion and not judging them as a weaker individual.
    Its okay to not be okay.
    And you my girl are definitely helping world to become a better place by your blogs.❤

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    1. I am glad that you understand the importance of crying. We all are nurtured with the same thought process by the society. It is so brave of you to consider it as your strength. Take care❤❤

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