Who are you talking to?

Sometimes while watching some news channel debates, I am amazed to see how the people who to be public figures and future leaders fail to listen to any complaints or suggestions. Anytime their stand on a subject is questioned, their ego gets hurt.

Thereby I started observing one thing in my daily life interactions- we generally assume that we are talking to the other person and also expect that they will process the conversation rationally and logically. But in reality, many times we merely interact with other people’s ego and insecurities.

As I have already mentioned in my blog- https://digurself.wordpress.com/2019/12/29/self-realisation-three-faces-of-a-person/, each of us has a layer of personality on us. The face of a person that we interact with is a product of his mind and worldly influences on him. For most people, their mind is mainly dominated by ego and insecurities. As a result, in some situations, he becomes incapable of processing the facts. Your interaction and argument are filtered by their ego and insecurities rather than their logic. For such a person, no matter how many logical arguments, they will never consider your point. They will either be flattered or become defensive about the subject of conversations. For example, in many cases when there is a religious issue, people tend to be very quick in choosing their stand. They hardly spare time to analyze the entire situation. Their stand is primarily based on ego (majority) and insecurities (minority). In extreme cases, people even put humanity at stake to protect their religion, even when the threat is not real but a product of their insecurity.

For such people, logical argument and facts will do no good. It will just worsen the situation for them by making them more defensive. The best we can do is put forth our argument once and leave the rest to life. Let the best teacher find a solution.

Let me know your views on this.

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6 thoughts on “Who are you talking to?

  1. Totally agree. Ego is the problem. We all wrestle with it but the awakening comes when we realize it! Then we are able to allow the ego to fade to the background. I always liked the acronym for E.G.O. – “Edge God Out”.

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