Being Bold

Take a risk, be bold and let your genius convert your fear into power and brilliance”- Robert Kiyosaki

Currently, I am reading a book by Robert Kiyosaki, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ where at one point Robert mentioned the above quote. Though it was in reference to finance and investment, I couldn’t stop wondering how relevant it is in every aspect of life. We always emphasize on how knowledge is power and weapon. How often do we talk about expressing oneself confidently without fearing the judgmental nature of society? How often do we talk about the fear that prevents a person from sharing his wisdom with others?

Now that we are talking about this, what all factors according to you contribute towards this? Surely nobody was born with it, so, what went wrong?

In my opinion, very small things that we witness as a child contributes to this fear. Every time you were stopped from talking because the elders were not in a state to listen. When your parents were busy with their work and you had nobody to talk to. When you were discouraged to participate in the extracurricular you loved because you did not perform well in your tests. All these situations, to some extent, hit hard your tendency to express yourself. Even now, when you probably know more than many other people, this fear holds you back from expressing yourself.

In reality, expressing oneself is highly important. Knowledge surely is a weapon but without boldness, one will never be able to use it. These are just some of the many reasons that hold a person back.

These are just my views based on my experiences and interactions with my surroundings. This may be different for different people. I would love to know your point of view on this subject.

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4 thoughts on “Being Bold

  1. Sruti, as a teacher, I always posted a sign in my classroom, “Knowledge is Power.” Your post is very helpful in getting that message across. However, we should use discretion when we express ourselves, knowing that those who disagree with us will also express themselves. Take care. Cheryl

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    1. Very well said. Every coin has two sides and people do have different perspectives. One should know how to express but also one should know how to listen and be ready for subsequent criticism. Take care

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  2. I do agree that knowledge without knowing how to express it can really become a hurdle in the way of success.
    But the way you express yourself is a bigger thing. Being bold is the key rather than being loquacious.

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