Power of sword, jewel and mirror

According to a Japanese myth, the Regalia has been a part of the enthronement ceremony for a new emperor since the year 690 but previously belonged to Amaterasu, the legendary Sun Goddess. She was forced to hide in a cave from her brother Susanoo, the powerful God of Storms. She was only lured from her hiding place when another God, Ame- no- Uzume hung the mirror and jewel outside the cave, and Amaterasu was attracted by her reflection. A repentant Susanoo later gave his sister the Kusanagi sword- which has been used to kill an eight-headed serpent ( South China Morning Post)

The above story, whether a myth or not, was propagated and passed down the generation to highlight the importance of three powers- Power of sword (strength), power of jewel ( wealth), and power of mirror ( knowledge of self). Even Hindu mythology talks about three different kinds of powers, power of knowledge (Goddess Saraswati), Power of wealth (Goddess Laxmi), and power of strength (Goddess Durga). Though in different ways, many ancient civilizations did talk about and emphasize these three powers, the relevance of which is even seen in present circumstances.

Power of Mirror– This represents the power of self-knowledge. Before facing the challenges of life and working towards our goals it is very crucial to understand who we are- our strengths and weakness, the importance of which is discussed in https://digurself.wordpress.com/2020/05/06/strength-and-weakness/. Without harnessing our greatest strength and defeating our greatest weakness, we will never be able to win any battle.

Power of wealth– Finance is an important subject which when discussed makes many people feel uncomfortable. Even our school does not talk about financial literacy. Many people defend their stand stating that money should not be allowed to get to your head and it cannot buy happiness. Agreed! But no one can deny that money is an important resource. Even to control it, you need to understand it’s value and respect it. Absence of money leads to many insecurities that ultimately make us act stupid and walk on the wrong track. A person who does not understand his weapon will soon be hurt by it.

Power of sword– This represents strength. Along with knowledge of self and wealth earned by right means, the strength that allows defending oneself against all problems is highly important for everybody. This includes maintaining good health and learning self-defense. Your safety is in your hands. Government, police, or insurance companies can only compensate for the harm that has already been done. Are you willing to take that risk?

Generally, we focus and excel in one or two kinds of power and neglect the other. What we need to do is maintain a balance between all three as they all are important in this unpredictable life.

Let me know your views on the subject.

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