Be an observer not a reactor

“Happy soul is a good observer of emotions and not a reactor”- Krishna Yadav
How often does it happen that we make some impulsive decisions and later on regret for our actions? We come across several situations in life where we are overwhelmed by some kind of emotion that being rational becomes very difficult. Such decisions rarely generate a positive or constructive outcome because our decision was based on emotion. In reality, it was the emotion that was deciding on your behalf.

The human system is designed in a way that the mind is responsible for analyzing situations and making decisions based on facts whereas the heart is responsible for feeling the situations via emotions. But we feel overwhelmed by certain emotions, it takes over our mind stopping us from understanding the situations. The emotion makes us react impulsively

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This is where the above-mentioned quote comes into action. Currently, our emotions are like an untamed horse. A person who rides an untamed horse is sure to get hurt. We have to understand our emotions and the root cause which is generating that emotion. Thereby, we need to understand the external and internal factors that lead to that emotion. When you become a reactor of emotion, you only see what your emotions show you and depend only on one perspective for your decisions, but, when you become an observer of emotions, you act like a judge who listens to all the parties, being neutral, and makes a decision based on facts and requirements. Therefore, you start analyzing your life with the same clarity you have while analyzing somebody else’s life as a third party.

Controlling your emotions requires a lot of effort on one’s part. But it saves a lot of problems in the long run.

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  1. I heard a quote once – high emotions = low intelligence – that stuck with me. To be able to sit with and observe your emotions as you say is an important skill to try and master for this reason. So you can respond and not react. Not always so easy of course! Thanks for your wise words

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