Are you independent?

Independence is loyalty to one’s best self and principles and this is often disloyalty to general idol and fetishes”- Mark Twain

Independence, freedom, liberty- known by many names is the sense of being free from any kind of restriction as far as our act does not hurt anybody else physically, emotionally, or mentally.

When we talk about independence, most of us would relate it to the freedom struggle of our respective countries from the colonial powers and many would even talk about financial independence. These two topics make most of the conversations that I have had or heard.

But, is that all?

I like the way Mark Twain describes freedom as loyalty towards self, an aspect of life that many of us would compromise on. In this fast-moving, dazzling world, new trends come up every day. The social convention not only dictates us to be in a certain way but also think in a certain way. An odd lot is referred to as ‘not so cool’. The pressure of being cool makes us do things that we aren’t prepared for mentally and financially, and we ultimately end up with debt and stress. People who are not involved in a relationship, or, who don’t have a good number of followers and likes on social media do not feel they are worthy enough and end up being insecure. Introverts are made to feel that they are not enjoying their life because they don’t go out, party and socialize. These are just a few of the examples where our right to choose and think is greatly influenced by a judgmental society.

Ask yourself- are you an independent human being?

Let me know your views about it.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

4 thoughts on “Are you independent?

  1. Sruti, thank you for a well-written and helpful post. Human beings and nations depend on each other for many things…interdependence. However much we depend on each other, I believe our thoughts should be our own. Our actions should not harm others, but beyond that, I think we should live creatively and our voice should be our own. All the best! Cheryl

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