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Intelligence and Ignorance

How dare you tell me what is right and what is wrong? I know better than everybody else here- such are the background voices that many people hear in their heads when the other person tells them that they are wrong. Instantly they become very defensive and focus more on winning the argument than deriving a rational conclusion.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”, are the words of one of the most intelligent people of all times, Albert Einstein. According to him, the intelligence of a person is not a factor of how much he knows, but how much he can think and imagine.

You might see many people attaining great heights in academics; end up struggling in their job life. Ever wondered why?

This is simply because practical life does not always follow an algorithm as specified in books and taught in school. Different situations require different solutions which can only be arrived at when a person is creative and willing to learn. Often people with good academic records develop a sense of pride in being better than everybody else around. When life uses a less educated person as an instrument to teach them, they turn arrogant and defensive. Ultimately, they lose their golden opportunity to learn from the best teacher.

This was also explained by Robert Kiyosaki in his book, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, where he talks about an incident in his life. A journalist, while interviewing him tells him that she wanted to become the best- selling author but her luck never favored her. He read her work and suggested she take a class on how to sell as she was a good writer but lacked advertising skills. To this, she became very defensive and said that she wanted to be the best- selling author and not a salesperson. Robert tried to highlight the importance of sales and she could not understand.

This is just an example of how the arrogance of knowing something better than others turn you ignorant towards some of the important lessons. Then we start blaming life and luck for favoring some people over others and feel that our talent and luck did not pay well.

It is well thus said, intelligence combined with arrogance is ignorance.

Let me know your views on this.

Published by Sruti Shivakumar

An architect from India on a journey of self exploration

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