It’s not the words of your intentions that manifest your reality, it’s the vibration of the energy of your intentions that attracts” – The law of

In a spiritual sense, when energy becomes real, it is referred to as manifestation. Yesterday I was listening to a Mind valley master class by Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape spiritual center, where he happened to talk about the energy within people and how it is impacted by their thoughts. It was an eye-opener for me. Throughout the session, he talked about how a person’s belief influences his experiences.

Did you ever come across a situation where your mind perceived all the negativities in a situation? There seemed no profit in doing something. But somehow it felt right. Most of the time, it turns out to be right. If your analytical mind was against you doing it, then what convince you?

It was your conscience, your real energy, which expresses itself from time to time in the form of intuitions. Your conscience is your energy which is already aware of your full potential. It is your real guide that makes you act in a way that you achieve your full potential. Since ages, people have been trying to empower their conscience more by being mindful and meditation. More you live in the present, be mindful, focussed, and willing, more clearly you will be able to hear your conscience. It will guide you through a series of successes and failures, which will ultimately make you understand your true potential. It is powerful enough to attract opportunities that it wants. All we need to do is let it communicate and have full faith in it.

Every situation has a hidden opportunity that forms several milestones in your journey. The destination of this journey would be a satisfied person who has realized his full potential and is at peace.

Believe in the law of the universe.

Let me know your views on this.

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