Seeds of Success

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor”- Truman Capote (

I have often seen many people admiring people around them who are successful in their respective fields, or perhaps, people who have a charming personality. Thereon, they try to incorporate a part of their habits, lifestyle, and behavior into their own life in order to become like them. But mostly they fail. It doesn’t feel natural to them. The attitude or behavior that attracts opportunities and success for the other person doesn’t work for them. Instead, it deprives them of their originality.

Ever wondered why?

If you closely observe, most of the successful stories, real or fiction, always start with a major setback- the biggest failure of a person. Not only it creates a necessity of success, but it also embeds the seeds of attitude, thought process, and behavior that leads to success. The pain and stress that comes from a failure generate seeds that grow into plants of success. Without that pain and stress, it becomes nearly impossible to realize that attitude and thought process.

No matter how tall and strong a tree is, it’s stability always depends on how deep the roots are. Similarly, success only stays in the life of those who value it and have paid the price for it. Even if a person achieves success by just copying other people, the success will not sustain.

As I have said in, when a person is clear about what kind of success he wants, he will start attracting it. But this journey of success will start with a series of failure which will prepare them for their destination. Therefore, embrace every experience of your life and grow out of it. It is merely a milestone in your journey. 

Let me know your views on this.

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