Master of your Life

You are the master of your fate and captain of your soul”– Henry Ford

Before talking about the quote I would like to tell you a story about a man who said this quote.

Many years ago when Ford wanted to introduce the V 8 motor, he wanted to build the engine with all 8 cylinders in one block. His engineers warned him saying that it was ‘impossible’. But Ford kept on repeating ‘do it anyway’. After a year, he again checked the progress of his engineers; they were unable to design the motor. He again said the same thing. He kept or repeating, ‘ I want it, and I will have it.’

Magic did happen for him, his engineers were able to figure out the plan. Ford was a man who lived by his quote. He decided his future kept on working towards it until he attains it. He doesn’t emphasize words like ‘if’ and ‘but’.

Generally, when we dream of something, we also calculate all the possible obstacles that we could come across during the process. The problem arises because we consider success only as an option, the other being giving up. Therefore, as soon as we come across an obstacle, it feels like we always have an option to quit, and then, that is what we do. Most of the time people who have achieved an extraordinary target did it because it was a necessity. They could not afford to lose. Their mind was so busy planning the success; it forgot that it had an option of giving up.

Everything that we see around us is a form of energy. This conscious energy manifests itself as matter and situations. The thoughts we have gives shape to that energy. Positive thoughts shape that energy in a positive way and negative thoughts shape that energy in a negative way.

What you think is what you attract. Being conscious of your thoughts will make you the master of your life.

Let me know your views on this.

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2 thoughts on “Master of your Life

  1. Sruti, That is a great story, well told. I am wondering if Ford got the quote from the poem, “Invictus,” or whether the poet got it from Henry Ford. In high school forensics competition, that is one of the poems I recited. All the best,! Cheryl

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    1. I read the poem ” Invictus”, some sites are referring to William Henley and some are referring to Ford. Their statements are more or less similar. Thank you for telling me about this. The poem is wonderful


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