Burning Desire

In his book, “ Think and grow rich”, Napoleon Hill, after studying about 500 successful people, has talked about the importance of having a burning desire within.

He applied this in his own life when his son was born without ears. Though the child was born without a natural hearing device, he refused this lifelong muteness and deafness for his child. He developed a burning desire within him and also passed it on to his son. The bedtime stories that he used to tell him were designed to develop a desire to speak and hear in his heart. He never let his child learn sign language and made him study in a normal school with other normal kids, to add fuel to the fire in his heart. The child grew up with an attitude of working hard to attain his goals. He did not complain like other kids. The burning desire in his heart was so deep and intense that it never let him accept his flaws and motivated him from time to time to keep going.

After many years of failed attempts, he finally received a hearing aid that worked for him, unlike others. At that point, he decided to make such facilities available to all deaf people across the world. What erupted as a burning desire in one man’s heart became the ray of hope in the lives of many people who otherwise would have led a miserable life.

A person with a clear vision and a burning desire does not know the meaning of ‘impossible’. There is nothing he cannot achieve. At any given point in time, he chooses his vision and dreams over distractions and obstacles. He forces nature to change its course and give him what he wants. The best part is that we all are equally capable of doing this. Our only enemy is the ignorance of our own powers.

Let me know your views on this.

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  1. Impossible actually says ‘I’m possible.’ I completely agree we all grossly underestimate what we are capable of. I tend to think the problem is more about what we truly want versus what we are capable of. If you really truly want something then you’ll go after it no matter what. If you take that attitude you can’t fail. Thanks for the inspiration!

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