Journey of success

“Success requires no explanation and failure permits no alibis”- Napoleon Hill

When in school, I could see a distinction between the students. One of them was an A grade student, who excels at everything, then came the B and C grade students. Everybody held high hopes from the A grade students when compared to B or C grade students. It’s been many years since then and to everybody’s surprise, some of the B and C grade students have outperformed the A grade students. Sometimes I wonder what changed with time, but more importantly, I noticed that nobody else was asking this.

That is when I found this quote from Napoleon Hill and found it perfectly justifying my observation.

Even on day to day basis, we come across so many small situations where a person does everything right but one mistake of his makes him lose the battle. On the other hand, we also come across people who make many mistakes, but the right decision takes them up the ladder of success. Ultimately, what others care about is your destination. Nobody will ask a successful person, the number of mistakes he has made, or, to the unsuccessful person, the number of right decisions he made. All that matters to others is that one decision that led you to your destiny.

But since every journey is a series of small successes and failures, these opinions keep on changing. Every success and failure influences these opinions. The destination is the point where we stop. You have not failed until you give up, therefore, everything is in your hand and these passing clouds of opinions is not a definition of you, but the phase of life you are in.

What we can learn from this quote is that we need not justify ourselves in front of anybody for any choice that we make. People form opinions based on what they see and not what we want them to see. Therefore, we should focus on our journey and stop bothering other people.

Let me know your views on this.

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