Tomorrow is promised to no one

Tomorrow is promised to no one. Prioritize today accordingly”- Goodreads

Life, an unpredictable journey, is planned y different people in different ways. Nobody knows what will befall them the next second. But somehow we remain ignorant about this known fact. Unfortunately, accepting this truth is considered as negative by many. Therefore, we develop a tendency to postpone many important things in life to ‘tomorrow’.

Now does that mean that one should not plan their lives?

No, it only means that while planning our lives, we should be aware of all this. As said in this quote, tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Good health and state of mind, time, and well being in all other respects is only an expectation we have from our future. They cannot be the foundation of our planning. Therefore, every day should be made as productive as possible by prioritizing the chores and allotting your time based on this. One thing is very important to understand when we close our eyes and think about our lives, it’s not just the achievements that come to our mind but also the moments spent with our family and friends and time that was spent refreshing our mind. A balanced life comprises of all of these. Therefore, each day in your life should be balanced in terms of these.

 Prioritizing chores does not mean compromising on the relaxing or personal time. It just means that our plan of the day should be such that at the end of it, we feel productive and satisfied.

Let me know your views on this.

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