Correction or Encouragement

Correction does much but encouragement does more.

Two days ago while I was scrolling down Instagram, I saw a post shared by one of my friends on her story. It was about an African tribe. It said that in that tribe, whenever a person committed a crime, he was taken to the center of the village. Everybody used to gather around him and for two days they talked about all the good things he did in his life. They believed that by appreciating all the good deeds of a person, they were bringing out more goodness in him so that he automatically realizes his mistake and comes back on the right track.

This amazed me.

Often we come across people, who under the wrong influences or pressure of survival do something which is not in the favour of the society, we punish him. Though punishment is a way of making the person realize his mistake, sometimes, we get too aggressive with them and make them feel miserable. In most cases, this either makes them thick-skinned and indifferent to punishments, or, vulnerable to negativity. Even when their punishment is over we tend to see them in the same light. With so much negativity, it becomes very hard for a person to bring out the goodness within him.

It is well said in the above quote correction does much but encouragement does more. The way we treat others, similar traits are developed within them. Therefore, it is more important to talk about the good qualities of a person than criticizing them for bad qualities.

Let me know your views on this.

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6 thoughts on “Correction or Encouragement

  1. Sruti, I think punishment is a harmful concept, rehabilitation is better, and encouragement sounds wonderful! We do need to remove people who are a danger to society, but that does not mean we should mistreat them. According to my significant other: People act out of who they are. They are who they are because of their life experiences.

    In the US, we are ending some for-profit prisons for concerns about prison conditions. During Covid 19, a lot of prisoners who are not dangerous have been given early release. We need to do a lot more to improve our prison system. Thanks for the thoughtful article on this timely subject. Take care, Cheryl ❤

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    1. Exactly Cheryl, that was my point. Punishments when not given carefully will defeat the whole purpose of it. We want the person to come back on track and not eliminate him from the society. After punishments are over, many people in the society dont even accept him back. That was a great point that you pointed out. Thanks for sharing. Take care

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  2. Shame can be a useful motivator but I agree that encouragement works best. Shame is dangerous because it can often work the opposite. It might cause the person to close down or go inward. Encouragement is king. It rarely fails to motivate. Thanks for sharing 🙏

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