Feelings and reactions

You are always responsible for how you act no matter how you feel

We are all living a book with different kinds of chapters in it- some good and some bad, some exciting and some very irritating. These chapters make us feel in different ways at different times. We like a puppet in life’s hands to react to every situation the way it wants us to react.

All of this is fine until we start hurting other people with our reactions.

The above saying struck me hard when I observed this happening with one of my friends. Having had a rough breakup, he turned very bitter in nature. No matter if the other person had anything to do with his breakup or his ex, he behaved in a very rude way with them. In the beginning, everybody cooperated and tried to show care and sympathy but eventually, his bitterness drove everybody away. You could very well imagine how this would have impacted him and his life in the long run.

We all go through a lot of stuff in life. Some of us are terribly impacted by the negative incidents in life. Though it is important to express oneself and not hold on to any emotion, it is also important to understand that our means of expression should not become the beginning of a new problem. It should only be an end to the burden of emotions we hold on to. It is at this point when a person should try channelizing the emotions. Every negative emotion holds the seeds of great achievements. When channelized in the right direction, the destructive energy of your negative emotions destroys the obstacles in your path of success. It is just a matter of choice.

Let me know your views on it.

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  1. Sruti, such a sad story about the man who drove his friends away with his bitterness. At some point, we have to pick ourselves up and take back control of our lives. Maybe he needs some help in doing this. This is an interesting and informative post. ❤ Take care, Cheryl

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