It is all in your hands

Desperate times, desperate measures”, heard it often right? In my earlier post, I talked about channelizing emotions.

What does this mean?

At least once in our lifetime, we all must have come across a situation where we experience an overload of emotion, it may be an overload of happiness, pain, anger, frustration, or motivation.

Remember your experience

What did you do next?

Did you complain, celebrate, abuse somebody, or, let your emotions out by crying? 99% of the world’s population would react in the same way you did. But the remaining 1% are familiar with a fact that most of us are not.

Every emotion, whether we like it or not is a form of energy. No matter which emotion you experience, the intensity of it is the energy you possess at that point. When we are very angry or depressed, in reality, we are completely charged with energy. This energy when directed towards a vision or purpose will make things happen by clearing the obstacles in your path.

But unfortunately what we do is the exact opposite.

Keeping this post short, I would end with a statement, “This world needs you badly. You are not a victim but a savior. The cosmic energy is there at your doorstep with hands full of opportunities, waiting for you to attract it. Next time when you experience an overload of any emotion, don’t open the gate to destruction, open the gate to progress and enlightenment.”

It is all in YOUR HANDS   

Let me know your views on this

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