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Abundance Consciousness means becoming aware of the existence of abundance, of feeling it in your life and connecting with it- Successconscious.com

In the previous post, I talked about abundance consciousness. But before realizing once own nature of abundance, it is crucial to understand all those factors that prevent us from realizing our abundance.

‘World is not a safe place anymore’
‘Earning money is hard’
‘True love is hard to find’
‘Relationships are hard’
‘ I am very unlucky’
‘I am not powerful enough’

Are you familiar with these lines? These are the lines we have been hearing since childhood from our parents, teachers, friends, and society in general. These ideas are sold to us by movies and songs we enjoy. Unconsciously, we are being fed with these negative ideas. These ideas over some time form our belief system. As a result, the moment we get close to somebody, we develop a fear of losing them or being cheated because as you know ‘LOVE IS HARD TO FIND’, the moment something good happens many of us start anticipating a misfortune because, ‘ I AM UNLUCKY’, we don’t voice our opinions for what we feel is right, when a large crowd is against us, because of course,’ I AM NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH’.These beliefs constantly emit a vibration that tells the cosmic energy that you don’t want true love, money, power, etc. As a result, we spend our entire life complaining, adjustment and compromise and desire because, and this is one is very common, ‘PEOPLE CANNOT HAVE EVERYTHING’. Well, guess what none of them is true.

We are surrounded by many things that appear to be a miracle to our limited perception, whereas it is just a small demo of the abundant nature of cosmic energy.


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