Friend and Foe

You can be your best friend and also your worst enemy; keep yourself always under control

This is the quote that brought a major change in my perception. Since childhood, the movies saw, songs, and stories that I heard had sowed an idea in my head that I was a victim and that I need somebody from outside to take care of me. These ideas then gave birth to some unrealistic expectations from people I loved or was connected to.

But just like every other unrealistic and fake bubble, this too was broken by the pin-headed truth. The reality that seemed harsh at once became beautiful day by day. We all have this misconception of being one entity, whereas, in reality, we all are a system of different entities- mind, heart, soul, and body. Real peace and happiness are when all these entities are in harmony. 

We recognize a friend as somebody who will always be there to support and take care of us. A person who will motivate us when we are emotionally down and, an enemy as somebody who will miss no chance of demotivating us and pulling us down in every respect. Often when people make a mistake, they react in two ways; they either criticize themselves or make themselves feel less worthy. This also includes those people who put the blame on others to get away from accepting their mistake. If you do any of this then you are on a path to becoming your enemy. But if you fall in the second category where after making a mistake, you accept it, not to make yourself less worthy but only to grow out of it, then, you are on a path to becoming your best friend.

Treat yourself in the same way you treat the one you love.

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